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I don't know."

What was her name? "Miss Flappy Bird."

Miss Flappy Bird did not like her nickname "Lizard Girl."

Milo gave her a funny look. "Sorry, didn't mean 'Lizard Girl,'" she said, laughing.

Milo and Miss Flappy Bird met again when the two hit it off.

Miss Flappy Bird began to get annoyed. "You two are going to lose tonight? You have to get your ducks out of the yard," she called out.

The two continued to stare at each other for a while. When Miss Flappy Bird gave up on the game of basketball, they began playing a trick on their partners. Miss Flappy Bird took a few steps forward and then put a ball at her boyfriend.

"I have to get better," she said.

Later, Miss Flappy Bird's father heard a loud thud and a loud noise. He looked over and saw that he had fallen through the glass. He ran outside to find Miss Flappy Bird, still trying to get out.

"Look what's happening," she said, looking toward the sky.

She looked through the window in which she had been hit into. It was just before sunrise, so it was bright. It was as if he had never lived on this island.

She had fallen on the floor when she had the first hit, and her mother took the time to get behind her. She was crying and crying and crying. Miss Flappy Bird looked down and saw her stepmother. "Can you tell me who they are, flapper dress accessories ( Miss Flappy Bird?" she asked.

"They can only speak to each other, please," she said.

"Milo," said Miss Flappy Bird.

There was a moment that made her smile. She saw a person that was very close to her, and that person was also a very nice man who was very kind. She saw him with his hand clasped around her waist, and when she leaned her head back, he whispered in his ear. She noticed him look at her, and she realized how much she was scared.

He looked at her and she started to cry.

He said nothing, then he said, "It's too late to let you go."

Miss Flappy Bird took her daughter to a hospital. Her father said it was fine. He did not think this could happen again.

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