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Glove box use:
In the program of scientific experiments, some substances are simply oxidized and deliquesced in the environment, which can make the chemical response of the check substance and the preliminary treatment method of the sample extremely tricky, affecting the test approach and exam final results.

The vacuum glove box (also called vacuum inert gas defense box) correctly solves these troubles. The unit is a laboratory product that fills the box body with higher purity inert gasoline and circulates and filters out drinking water, oxygen, natural fuel and other substances . The primary functionality is to remove O2, H2O, and organic and natural gases it is widely used in extremely-pure environments devoid of water, oxygen, and dust. The merchandise can be applied in lithium battery R & D and manufacturing, actual physical and chemical exploration, powder metallurgy, nuclear technological innovation, particular welding, OLED and PLED research, pharmaceutical industry, substance processing, special lamp analysis and development and output, high-quality chemical compounds, polymer resources and other industries.

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