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The aluminium oxide (AL2O3) humidity sensor provides precise willpower of dew position, frost issue, ppm, or relative humidity in most industrial gases.

The working principle of the aluminum oxide sensor is that its capacitance varies with the humidity focus. The sensor is able of the two ppm and dew place measurements in most industrial gasoline streams. The electronics are mounted internally and procedure the signal from the sensor and Dew-Point Transmitters show the readings on the front show panel.

Aluminium Oxide Moisture Sensor Theory
An aluminum layer on a ceramic support is anodized to type a thin porous layer of aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is then coated with a slim, permeable layer of gold. The gold and the aluminium levels sort the sensor electrodes.

Figure 1. Cross-area of aluminium oxide sensor.

The gold layer is permeable to humidity and conductive. This forms the second electrode of a capacitor.

The pores in the aluminium oxide layer absorb dampness from the fuel stream in quantities directly proportional to the moisture material of the fuel stream.

Determine 2. Close-up check out of aluminium oxide sensor.

The absorption of h2o molecules improvements the capacitance of the sensor. The capacitance of the sensor is calculated which is then transformed to the moisture benefit.

The radius of the pores in the aluminium oxide layer make the sensor distinct to drinking water molecules.

Employs of the Aluminium Oxide Sensor
The aluminium oxide sensor is appropriate for use on virtually any application in which humidity measurements are demanded.

Industrial apps for dampness analyzers tumble into two places:
Gas Producers: for ensuring solution high quality
Gasoline Customers: to make sure dependability of inert gas blankets.
Normal industries requiring the use of moisture measurement machines are Semiconductor, Metallic Procedure, and Plastics.

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