We aren't claiming to save the world. But we are contributing to our corner of it.  

Raydeo’s primary responsibility is, and will always be, to take care of our business and our families. That responsibility extends to helping others and Mother Earth. It isn’t for marketing buzz or to boost business. It gives us a higher purpose beyond the bottom line, making it even more enjoyable to work here.

Examples of how we give back include: Donating materials to Habitat for Humanity.
Financial support to several chapters of the Cancer Foundation, Humane Society, Special Olympics, MUST Centers (Canton and Marietta), Children’s Hospital and the Georgia Aquarium.

Raydeo’s green efforts? We’re in the process of developing a sustainability program that really does something to soften our impact on the environment. Of course, we promote the use of recyclable materials, low or no VOC, and we engage, document, and process LEED projects. And we’re actually taking steps to see how we can use Solar Power to run our plant along with energy saving devices that help more than they hurt.