How We Start The Process:

1. Listen carefully to what you need to accomplish.

2. Define how to meet your budget, quality standards, and time constraints.

3. Develop strategy for precise implementation.

4. Set and mutually commit to the scope and schedule.

How we make your vision come to life:

1. Develop drawings detailing how to meet your objective; select the right components.

2. Review and revise drawings in house.

3. Submit drawings for your review to ensure all requirements are exactly to spec.

4. In-house review per site condition requirements; order all raw materials.

How we execute your schedule:

1. Receive and position raw materials for precision cutting.

2. Organize and assemble parts at specialized fabrication center.

3. Quality-check and send to finishing department. Quality check again.

4. Forward to staging area for pre-assembly check; organize/finalize for shipping.

How we ensure the perfect fit:

1. Ship on schedule to site, ensure everything is precisely to spec.

2. On-site quality check by Project Manager and site supervisor.

3. Review with architect and owner, make necessary corrections.

4. Final billing occurs, warranty begins, product performs to expectations.

  It's our goal to treat every customer like our only customer and meet their needs whenever possible.

It takes a lot of commitment on all parties part with a bit of compromise. In the end, it all seems to work out.  
This defines a proven process that's allowed us to continually hit homeruns for over 25 years. Our process is rigorous and focused, yet with a sharp eye on the big picture. We test, review, and quality check according to the plan. Then we do it again and again. It's about blending creativity, engineering, manufacturing and minding the minutia in a way few companies can match. To get a snapshot of what we mean, scroll your mouse over any of the titles below.
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