Raydeo reduced our overall cost of the trellis by over 60%... in an efficient, well coordinated fashion.

Awnings shade, dry and cover. Raydeo’s Architectural Awnings (AAS) division covers every detail, so your awning makes a beautiful statement to your structure, your vision and you. We don’t just work with a few product lines and materials, we work with all of them. From canopies and walkway covers, to sun shades and shutters – any type of awning, anywhere. Same exceptional quality from beginning to installation.

Textile & Fabric Solutions Resins/Plastics & Specialty Materials Metal Awnings & Structures Glass Awnings & Structures

AAS provides product lines within
the bounds of CSI Codes:

10-73-13 Awnings

10-73-16 Canopies

10-73-23 Car Shelters

10-73-26 Walkway Coverings

10-70-00 Exterior Specialties

10-71-13 Exterior Sun Control

10-73-10.13 Exterior Shutters

10-71-13.26 Decorative Exterior

10 71 13.43 Fixed Sun Screens

10-73-33 Marquees

10-73-43 Transportation
Stop Shelters

10-74-26 Spires